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Love it!!

Mar 18, 2014 by Rocky

I have tried a few of these products and I love them all!! I especially love the shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling clean, moisturized, and fresh without stripping everything from it. I also love the cleanser, mud mask, and body butter. My skin has definitely cleared up since I started using these products. Best of all they are environmentally friendly :) no animal testing!

Get Carded

Jan 30, 2014 by Eve Olved (California)

This stuff is awesome! I love the way it works, and love the clean formula. I even got carded the week before my 50th :)

Anti-aging Mineral Tri-peptide "Get Carded

Jan 30, 2014 by Claudia J. Fredette

I love this product,. I've tried may different products over the years to help with my skin condition,( large pores and blackheads) and this is the best product I've every used. I am so pleased! My skin feels so much better and the look is amazing!!

Love the Mud

Jan 06, 2014 by Cindy

I recently tried the MM facial cleanser then applied their mud mask. What a difference. Loved the way it made my face feel while drying and afterwards. I also used the "Get Carded" peptide anti-aging cream which smells wonderful and makes your face feel great. I can't say that I see a difference in reduced wrinkles at this point as I've only been using it 3 days. I will follow up with a review on that in a month. I had samples of their bar soap as well but was apprehensive about using them because my skin gets so dry during the winter it breaks out then when I apply regular lotion it burns. But due to my experience with the facial products, I tried both of there bar soaps. What a surprise, I didn't even have to apply lotion afterwards and my chest is no longer a mass of little sores. I've now switched from Dove to MM soaps.

Mindful Indeed!

Oct 20, 2013 by Shenay Settle

My family has dealt with numerous skin conditions for as long as I can remember. I am pleased to say that Mindful Minerals developed products that alleviate the appearance and outbreaks of various skin conditions, to include: eczema, acne, discoloration and dryness. Our knowledgeable rep was able to prescribe everything we need to get our most important organ back in balance! In just two weeks, I see marked differences in the texture and appearance of my skin. The dark, age spots on my face are less apparent and my skin is not dry. The Aleppo Laurel soap is what I use all over my body (twice) everyday and I love it. My daughter uses the Get Even set to keep her acne breakouts at-bay. I have purchased products for family members with skin issues and cannot wait to get more of these mindful products. Where have you been?

Excellent products

Oct 11, 2013 by Andreea

I've tried many products from Mindful Minerals and I love love them. From the Get Even Cleanser, to the BBCC cream, from the Get Babied Body Butter to the Get Dirty bar soap.
The Mud Cleanser is awesome. I love the texture which makes my skin so soft. The body butter is so light and it smells great. But my favorite has to be the BBCC Cream with SPF 30, it's amazing. Works as a face cream, SPF and primer.
I love these products. And now that I'm pregnant I can use them with confidence because there are no chemicals. All Natural. Which is very important for me and my baby.


Aug 06, 2013 by alexis

Tried shampoo and conditioner from a sample that I received. OMG. My dark hair has revived shine, bounce and amazing texture using this product. So light and most importantly no stripping of natural oils because it is natural with no sulfates and parabens. I had to go back to my usual shampoos while waiting to receive my order. It cannot come quick enough!!!!


Aug 06, 2013 by alexis

Stumbled upon this product line about a month ago. I was looking for a new line to try because my skin was changing due to hormonal changes. I always had problem acne skin and used harsh chemicals on my skin to keep the problem somewhat under control. TRY THESE PRODUCTS!!! They are healthy, amazing and WORK. Within a week (yes a week), my skin feels and looks, clear, soft and clean. I can't wait to wash my face when evening nears. I stared with a couple of products, and I am now incorporating other products to my routine. Oh, by the way, did I mention the cost is a fraction of department store products and Rx's. Enjoy!

Mind Your Hair is Great Product!

Jul 27, 2013 by Chris Edens

Ive always had to use a popular dandruff shampoo once every week or two to keep the dry flakes away. Not anymore after using Mind Your Hair. Im on my third bottle and havent had the dry itchy scalp yet!

Get Carded

Jul 27, 2013 by Chris Edens

I never thought as a man, id ever consider using a product like this. Its a beauty cream right? Men just dont use those. Was I wrong! I use it twice a day... After I shave. (shave afterbalm) and before I go to bed after cleansing and toning. Been using it for over a year now. Ive honestly been told I looked like I had surgery done...I am not kidding you!

5.0 5.0 34 34 I have tried a few of these products and I love them all!! I especially love the shampoo and conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling clean, moisturized, and fresh without stripping Mindful Minerals