The scalp hides under cover of hair much of the time, and most people never give their scalp much thought unless there is a problem with it. Several different conditions can affect the scalp, and those conditions can be itchy, irritating, and embarrassing.

Dandruff anyone who has experienced dandruff knows how embarrassing those little white flakes can be — especially when they fall on dark clothing. The cause of dandruff is an excess of dead skin flakes shedding from the scalp. The cause of the excess skin flakes is unclear but may be due to a reaction to a skin fungus that is present in most of us.

Dandruff isn’t dangerous or contagious, but it can be itchy and annoying. There is no redness or scabbing of the scalp. Though it can’t be cured, dandruff is fairly easy to control with more frequent Mindful Body Shampooing along with Mindful Tea Tree Conditioner that contains Dead Sea Minerals and 100% natural Ingredients.

Cradle Cap is a form of seborrhea dermatitis that affects infants, typically in the first six months of life. It causes greasy, yellowish scales or crusts to form on the scalp. Although it may look alarming to parents, cradle cap is not a sign of a more serious infection, and it will usually clear up by the baby’s 1st birthday.

Wash hair and body with Get Babied Olive Oil Bar and follow with Get Nurtured ointment.

To treat cradle cap, try rubbing your baby’s scalp softly with Get Babied Body Butter to loosen the scales. After a few minutes, wash your baby’s hair with Mindful Minerals Mind Your Hair shampoo. Then brush the scalp very gently with a soft brush to loosen the flakes.  Daily Wash hair and body with Get Babied Olive Oil Bar and follow with Get Nurtured ointment.

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