How to increase your product sales

How to increase your product sales


8 Easy Ways to Increase Products and Services Sales; Selling more doesn’t mean selling harder.


  1. Trunk Shows

    • Make it Educational
    • Offer Solutions to Skin Disorders
    • Offer Incentives for referrals
    • Offer Product Testing and Samples
  2. Collateral and Marketing
    • Co-Brand your Spa services with your Brands
    • Maintain Loyalty with your brand
    • More Products you offer the less Loyalty you have
    • More Products you retail the less supplier Incentives
  3. Follow New Trendy Products
    • Hottest Products are Hemp Base Products
    • Overnight Protocols
    • Every Day Essentials
    • Cleansing Bars and Soaps
    • Teen Demanded Products
  4. Consult Don’t Sell
    • Stick to solving problems
    • Market Protocols, Easy To Explain
    • Propose a Plan – monthly / weekly
    • Create a following (social media)
    • Offer a Return Policy – Open Jar Return Policy
  5. Visual Merchandising
    • Display (PDQ) products that talk to your customers
    • Tell the story in Your Display
    • Use Images and Graphs – (colors)
    • Keep it visible at checkout
  6. Skip the Middle Man
    • Sell Products that offer bigger margins
    • Cut off the middle man commissions
    • Deal Direct with the Manufacturer
    • Ask For Bulk  Incentive
  7. Effective and Clean
    • Its all About the ingredients
    • What comes in Comes Out Theory
    • Effective and Does what it claims
    • Natural and Organic
  8. Packaging and Presentation
    • Hip and Innovative
    • Colorful and Eye Catching
    • Teen Attractive
    • Safe and Environmentally friendly


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