Are you an Ambassador For Safe Skincare? If you appreciate safe and effective products and like to share then you probably are.  You can join our Ambassador program and start earning points, product discounts, free products and more today!

At Mindful Minerals we are dedicated to the Campaign for Safe Skin Care and keeping safe products accessible and affordable to everyone.  By sharing Mindful Minerals with your clients, friends and family you help us get the word out organically, which helps put healthy products in homes and helps keep our “mindful” prices!

Market Channels: Our product is only sold through local consultants who operate out of the homes and professional spas; salons and hotel gift shops.  Our propriety portal / website is geared to promote local dealers and nationally promote safe skin care to consumers.

We are gradually evolving our on-line shop to service territories protected by dealers rather than direct selling to consumers and as we enter 2016 as hope to cover most metro areas in the US gearing a pragmatic shift supporting regional dealers selling to local consumers with national drop ship service supported by Mindful minerals.

Pricing: The average dealer yields 300% – 400% depending on their pricing tier. Pricing tiers are determined by power buying and on-line ambassador referrals. The Ambassador program is by far the most profitable program we offer with less leg work for all. Dealers can opt in to add their customers to our platform; and use our marketing tools to market customers and expand territory using social media campaigns.

Sales: Mindful Minerals sales derive mainly from wholesale accounts; yet referral sales yield double digits and is multiplying faster as we grow our network. Referral marketing indeed requires less work for all parties yet offers high risk with the rewards due to a high drop ratio in Ambassadors. In a nutshell; Mindful Minerals; offers the Product samples and gift cards free to qualified ambassadors whom on the other hand refer their friends and friends of their friends. Ambassadors purchase no products nor ship any products; however dealers can do both. The only fees are assessed are drop ship fees which are deducted from the proceeds of sales; leaving the entire balance of profits for the dealer and ambassador to split.

Marketing: Since Both ambassador and Dealers have the right to use our branding on social media sites; such as Facebook pages; twitter and so forth; they can offer discount cards; deals and offers to their peers. Each ambassador and dealer have a unique code which offers the above merits; so as referrals make purchases; both parties gain double rewards; first, points for referrals which can be used for marketing dollars and product samples; second, profits which are paid in a form of 1099 as independent consultants.

How Does it Work: No Contracts, no obligations and Pyramid Sales. No one is required to buy any products or monthly auto ship. Our company has great values and we do not tolerate multi-level sales or pyramid scams. No Ebay, No Amazon and no on-line sales are allowed outside your own homepage. 

  1. Pick the program that fits you best
  2. Sign up on line with your Pomo code and access discounted pricing
  3. Ambassadors: Order one of each product as suggested.
  4. Salon and Spa Pick Your territory; Insure minimum order of $500 and Get listed exclusive in your territory (act now limited territories available)
  5. Pick and Event (schools Teen Acne) always best results
  6. Pick a Charity (Christian Charities) is our Priority
  7. Order Gift Cards and Product Samples (FREE)
  8. Watch our Safe Skin Care Campaign Tutorial
  9. LOCAL: Speak at Events and Become the Ambassador for safe skin care in your domain.
  10. On-Line: CRM Login to your account, and upload your contacts
  11. Under CRM Share Your coupon with friends and Watch Your Network Grows

Marketing Programs: These programs can vary from one location; to another:

  1. Trunk Shows: Pick an Event or a Market Place (Promote the product to vendors and become the distributor to the vendor)
  2. Charity Events: Request a permission in writing; give free products to members and share future profits with the charity
  3. Tupperware Parties: Set up and provide the perfect campaign for safe skin care party experience (Win-Win Situation for host and guests)
  4. School and Fundraising: Pick a school or a Local Fundraiser get involved locally by bringing awareness and unlimited benefits to your community.
  5. Direct Sales. Set up your Facebook Page; Social Media Accounts and link it to your Mindful Minerals Free Homepage – Promote on-line and locally.
  6. Dead Sea Retreats: Resort Offer to Resorts, B&B, Dead Sea Experience excursion offering Free Dead Sea Skin Care treatments, Sell Products and Pile Up Contacts.

Toxins Full Presentation

Mindful  Minerals  is  pleased  to  present  Resort  Vacation  Ownership a Mindful  Sunrise  Dead  Sea  Experience excursion offering  to  its  resort  guests. This pretour, poolside morning excursion for Resort owners and guests includes  exotic  luxury  spa  experiences  and  product  gifts  followed  by  a  short  Mindful  meditation.Guests  participating
in  this  Mindful  Sunrise  excursion  will  be  introduced  to  the  concept  of  Mindfulness  while  experiencing  Dead  Sea  body treatments  and  learning  techniques  for  living  more  fully  by  slowing  down  the  pace. This experience for guests is geared  to  jump  start  their  vacation  by  putting  their  bodies  in  a  state  of  relaxation,  and  their  minds  fully  awake  and  in the moment.

The  Dead  Sea  body  treatments  will  detoxify  the  body,  ease  tension,  and  leave  the  skin  beachready, healthy  and  glowing.The  product  gifts  for  each  couple  will  include  a  $10  Rewards  Card  that  can  be  redeemed online  or  at  the  event  toward  Mindful  Mineral  product  purchases. The unique code associated with the Rewards Card ties  to  Resort  Vacation  Club’s  Ambassador  Account  and  will  generate  an  ongoing  20%  commission  f0r  Resort.

The  code  can  be  shared  by  the  guest  with  friends  and  family  for  a  viral  marketing  campaign  generating  additional commission  and  new  leads for  the  resort  long  after  the  guests  check  out.

10155540_611926555557604_1163168548620910816_nMindful Retreat

  1. Check In Gift
  2. Transform Resort Poolside to a Dead Sea Spa
  3. Earn Income through product sales
  4. Viral Marketing and Referral Program
  5. Event Retreats help book more Tours

A Mindful retreat is an experience for a prospective client to witness the benefits of Mindful living. This is achieved through a series of complimentary activities and experiences provided by Mindful Minerals to the guest during their stay. There is a growing excitement and enthusiasm in this opportunity for human enhancement. Being Mindful is a total life style change, and is one that many people never take the  time to learn, or be a part of due to lack of time, knowledge and understanding of the concept.  On the outside, The Mindful Retreat offers resort owners and guests and introduction to mindful living through activities and natural and organic treatments they will be treated to on their stay that provide real results they will take with them when they leave. The goal of the retreat is for the resort guest to leave feeling better than they did before arrival, as this will create an immense desire to not only continue mindful living, but also the strong desire to be a part of the resort ownership program, for the opportunity to experience more.  On the inside, the Mindful Retreat is a tool for your marketing team to book more tours, your sales team to close more deals, your hospitality department to cover expense of amenities and your spa or gift shop to add an additional stream of revenue.

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