Not on my skin!

Not on my skin!


Would you slather gasoline or diesel on your face? How about liquid plastic, formaldehyde, or lead? Of course not!

I encourage you to take a closer look at what you put on your skin. Many skincare products contain petroleum by-products, phthalates (a plasticizing agent), formaldehyde-releasing chemicals, and other toxins.

You won’t see these ingredients listed in your skincare products because they’re hidden. So, I’m sharing what to look for to help you avoid some of the most toxic ingredients.

Why avoid them? They are known hormone disruptors and carcinogens. Although manufacturers and the FDA  claim these ingredients are safe in small amounts, I’m not convinced. My concern is that our environment exposes us to so many toxins. Why add more fuel to the fire (literally!)?

Your skincare products don’t just sit on your skin; they penetrate it and wind up in your bloodstream. Thanks to evaporation, some ingredients even wind up in the air around you, meaning you inhale them.

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