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Science and nature unite with these two products that literally transforms the skin.  Over 35 minerals and natural elements from the Dead Sea combined with  collagen building peptides including 2% Matrixyl® synthe’6™ and hyaluronic acid, penetrate on a cellular level to provide skin cells the nutrients they need to effectively reverse the signs of aging, including wrinkle-depth reduction and the fading of age spots.  Results after 8 weeks compare to getting collagen or hyaluronic injections.  This set includes the once weekly facial product: Get Dirty Dead Sea Mud Mask to stimulate circulation, collagen growth and provide over 35 minerals nutrients to the skin.


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Daily Routine 3 Steps (repeat a.m. and p.m.)

Step 1:  Cleanse:  wash your face with Get Babied Dead Sea Olive Oil Bar, rinse with warm water and pat dry. You may also add the Get Dirty Mud Bar as an alternate daily cleanser (great for Rosacea, Acne, Oily Skin and Hyperpigmentation.)

Step 2:  Treat:  Spritz Face with Get Clear Cranberry Toner (optional) and allow to air dry or blot with cotton pad.  (a tingling, biting sensation is normal and will subside upon application of Get Carded)

Step 3:  Protect:  Gently massage Get Carded Peptide on face, around eyes and neck. Optional Daytime Only Add On:    Clearly Beautiful BBCC 30 SPF on face, neck and around eyes.  Not included in this bundle.

Weekly Routine (1 or 2 x per week)

Step 1:  Cleanse:  wash your face with Get Even Exfoliating Cleanser


Step 2:  Detoxify:  apply layer of Get Dirty Dead Sea Mud Mask on face, around eyes and on neck.  Allow to dry for 2-10 minutes. (a tingling, biting sensation is normal)

Step 3:  Rinse:  Wash mask from face with Get Babied Dead Sea Olive Oil Bar, follow with a spritz of Get Clear Toner and Get Carded.

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